AFEZ Azerbaijan

AFEZ in Azerbaijan

Pivotal International has proudly entered the first phase of development of the AFEZ (Alat Free Economic Zone) project, led by managing partner and main contractor Garland Consultancy. This will deliver huge economic growth for Azerbaijan.

AFEZ Azerbaijan

The Alat Free Economic Zone (AFEZ) is set to play a huge role in the economic growth of Azerbaijan, and the team at Garland Consultancy,  with Pivotal International, will play a significant role in creating a world-class, regional investment hub.

AFEZ Azerbaijan will operate a unique partnership between the public and private sector, strategically located as a crossroads between the East and West, but also the North and South, and less than 65km from Baku and its international airport.

With a total area of approximately 8,500,000m², the development will be subject to government legislation allowing it to offer incentives and advantages which are not available elsewhere, including exemptions from taxes and customs duties, a one-stop-shop and self-regulated arbitration process.

Azerbaijan itself is a dynamic economy that provides a wealth of benefits to investors including competitive production costs, low cost and qualified labour force among others. AFEZ  Azerbaijan will attract world-leading companies to the nation, creating job opportunities for citizens and ensuring sustainability and diversity for Azerbaijan’s economy.

Master planning has been completed and is divided into three zones which cater to Light Manufacturing, Logistic and Light Manufacturing, and Heavy Manufacturing Industries respectively. A port, highways, rail and key infrastructure such as water, electricity, gas, telecoms and waste facilities are already present to support industries.

With concept design, master planning, urban design and guidelines and schematic design all complete, we are now at the detail design stage. The first phase of the development (52 Hectares) will contain a Custom Plaza, Authorities Buildings, Light Manufacturing and Logistics Buildings.

The master plan has been inspired by Baku City with its pedestrian-friendly street, placemaking and high standards of urban design. With strong neighbourhoods that connect with pedestrian and cyclist greenways,  a strong sense of community will be observed within the zones.

Read our project details for the AFEZ Azerbaijan here.

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