Free Zones

Free Zones & Industrial Business Park Services

Pivotal International delivers Economic and Design services and solutions for large-scale developments such as Free Zones, Industrial Business Parks and more.

Free Zones & Industrial Business Park Services

Our unique and most notable asset is our ability to simultaneously deliver expertise on both the economic and the design requirements of a project.

Through a multi-disciplinary and comprehensive approach, Pivotal is equipped to give targeted attention to each and every element of a project.

Pivotal’s consultancy services include:

  • Free Zones & Special Economic Zone Development
  • Industrial & Business Park Development
  • Foreign Direct Investment/Investment Promotion
  • SME Development
  • Regional Development and Planning













The keystone of the success of Pivotal International is our commitment to providing a single point of responsibility for the delivery of economic, construction, and infrastructural projects. This is achieved through the assemblage of elite, bespoke, and project-specific teams who collectively represent the totality of expertise required to deliver projects of the highest complexity regardless of the jurisdiction.

Central to this is our commitment to our belief that one is the magic number, meaning:

  • ONE Team
  • ONE Contract
  • ONE Fee
  • ONE Point of Responsibility
  • ONE Point of Contact
  • ONE Sign off
  • ONE Comprehensive Consultancy Service













Free Zones & Industrial Business Park Development Stages

Our unique USP is the single-point responsibility we offer from our consortium of economic and design teams, Pivotal International is able to engage with your project at any stage of its development:

Pre-Feasibility Economic Report

A pre-feasibility study is often the preliminary step by a government or an organisation in the development of robust economic development solutions including Free Zones, Special Economic Zones and Technology Parks. A pre-feasibility study ensures that all possible alternative project solutions have been examined and analysed and that further project development is justified.

Full Feasibility Economic Report

The feasibility study is an assessment of the practicality of a proposed economic development solution. It normally includes a market, technical and financial analysis of the proposed project – with the emphasis of presenting enough information to determine whether or not the project should be advanced to for example to the final construction stage.

Implementation Plan & Planning Report

Getting an economic development solution from concept to giving a project life is a critical element in the project development process. The implementation plan looks at the detailed activities and actions required on a step by step basis (including ownership and responsibility) to deliver on the project objectives.

Concept Master Planning

The success of a concept master plan is in creating a balance between the visionary ideas and practical delivery. This stage details the overall concept master plan strategy. It sets out urban design objectives that balance the various land uses, plot sizes, infrastructure requirements, community needs and schedule of accommodation for the development.

Detailed Master Planning

This stage consists of refining the concept master plan and incorporating client/stakeholder inputs. Development of design guideline booklets will provide tenants with clear development standard. These booklets normally consist of 6 books: Masterplan, Site Infrastructure, Safety & Security, General Design Guidelines, Development Parameters and Plot ID.

Detail Design of Infrastructure & Buildings

As problem solvers, we strive for solutions that achieve our clients’ aspirations. We explore options, proactively approach problem-solving and deliver high-quality projects that meet and excel clients’ budget and programme expectations. We approach every project as unique, as a challenge waiting to be solved.

Tender/Construction Procurement

We formulate realistic budgets and implement planning systems to control costs at every stage of the construction process. We always ensure that final costs relate to the initial budgets. Our professional approach looks at the overall project and the paths that must be followed and anticipated.

Construction Supervision

When a project moves from the design to the construction phase, Pivotal has a full range of specialist supervisors at its disposal that are experienced in each form of construction and local environment. Our team comprises planning engineers responsible for time schedules, MEP engineers, quantity surveyors, quality engineers beside civil engineers who coordinate the many interfaces between different parties, civil works, and other packages.

Organisation Development, Management & Operation

We have a nuanced understanding of the role of property owners and asset managers and can help you to maximise return on property investment. We provide consultancy on the optimal development of a site, right through the life cycle of a project, or should the need arise, to optimise any particular stage of the development cycle. As well as providing expertise on best practices throughout the scope of a project, we can also advise on, and engage the services of the most appropriate contractors for the realisation of the goals of your project.

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Pivotal International is a multi-disciplinary consultancy, focusing primarily, but not exclusively, on large design and construction projects such as free zones and industrial business parks. Our unique business objective is to provide single-point responsibility for the delivery and design of keynote projects throughout the world, including free zones, strategic development zones, industrial, science or business parks.

With 150 years of combined design and construction experience, Pivotal International is made up of four established, professional services companies; GARLAND ConsultancyFewer Harrington & PartnersCarron + Walsh, and Lawler Consulting / Lawler Sustainability.