Partner: Lawler Consulting

Four companies represent Pivotal International, each bringing their own unique elements to the Pivotal team. Introducing our partner, Lawler Consulting.

Lawler Consulting

Lawler Consulting is a leading multidisciplinary consultancy of highly qualified Building Services and Sustainability Engineers, and was founded in 1980.

With offices across Kilkenny, Dublin, Cork and London, this award-winning consultancy provides key services across:

  • Building Services Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Energy Reduction
  • Low Carbon Consultancy
  • Sustainability

Through its sister company, Lawler Sustainability, the consultancy provides the following services:

  • Energy
  • Sustainability
  • Energy Facilities Management (EFM)
  • Building Performance Optimisation (BPO)
  • Research & Development

Throughout its 40 years in business, the consultancy has demonstrated high-level experience in a realm of sectors including education, commercial, industrial, residential, healthcare, retail, leisure and public buildings.

A specialist in the deliverance of decarbonisation solutions, their strong focus on sustainable design has won the consultancy multiple awards, including the prestigious 2020 CIBSE Building Performance Consultancy Award.

Lawler Consulting

Click here to view Lawler Consulting’s extensive portfolio of industry-leading projects.

Lawler Consulting makes its clients’ businesses better, achieved not simply through excellence in engineering, but also through ensuring that they are aligned with their clients’ project objectives. They play a pivotal role in building the future of the built environment.

In 2011, Lawler Consulting joined with three other companies of varying backgrounds to provide a single-point responsibility solution in the provision of economic development and design solutions through Pivotal International.

Pivotal International is a multi-disciplinary consultancy, focusing primarily, but not exclusively, on large design and construction projects. Our unique business objective is to provide single-point responsibility for the delivery and design of keynote projects throughout the world.

With 150 years of combined design and construction experience, Pivotal International is made up of four established, professional services companies; GARLAND ConsultancyFewer Harrington & PartnersCarron + Walsh, and Lawler Consulting.

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