Private House, Galway

Galway, Ireland
Single Dwelling
800 m2

The House in Galway City offers a contemporary response to its site where the footprint area of the building was minimised to reduce the impact to its impressive wooded surroundings. By pushing the accommodation upwards over 3 stories, all rooms on all levels face, or in some cases project, towards the surrounding trees, re-affirming its location. The accommodation inside is accessed through a light filled central atrium including its feature stairs. The buildings simplicity is portrayed through its use of materials and their detailing, both externally and internally. Externally, the striking white plaster is broken up through a mixture of glass, timber and steel to allow sharp edges where the end result is one of precise, clean and legible lines. Internally the same attention to detail was employed where the solid walls are contrasted with un-treated natural oak to the floors and doors, where every vantage point offer views to the surrounding woods, continuously connecting the viewer back to the natural landscape outside.

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