Rayadah Office Plaza

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Mixed Use
26,000 m2

The site is located adjacent to the al Madinah road, which is one of the primary traffic routes for the city of Jeddah. The site is suited for a mixed use development comprising of showrooms, wholesale shops, equipment rental & retail on ground and mezzanine level with office accommodation above. Due to the close proximity to the airport and the al Madinah road these types of uses are focused more towards attracting customers from the wider region. The key principles of our design are as follows: Maximize the visual profile of the development from al Madinah road. Provide a mix of retail uses which are consistent with site potential and location. Minimise the impact of overlooking on back land residential uses. Provide acoustic screening for back land residential uses. Accommodate ease of access and parking for cars and customers. Provide adequate set down areas for service vehicles.

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Kevin Rudden