Waste to Energy Solutions

Effective management of waste and finite resources is a critical issue across the world. As a society, it is imperative to secure affordable, reliable and sustainable energy supplies, while tackling climate change through global emission reductions. Waste to Energy, combined with the recovery of useful materials for recycling can play an important part in delivering these objectives.

Waste to Energy Solutions

Pivotal International’s Waste to Energy Solutions was formed to provide an integrated approach to reducing clients’ energy & waste consumption, and consequently, their carbon footprint.

We offer clients a unique service by minimising a site’s waste, energy use, and carbon emissions. This is achieved by examining all elements contributing to waste production, energy consumption, and carbon production. Our experienced team of engineers and analysts perform comprehensive site evaluations throughout the UK, Ireland, and emerging markets globally.

Pivotal helps clients act by combining global expertise in waste and energy with insight into local markets and regulation. Our analytical approach helps clients assess their needs, identifying optimal business models and technical solutions to meet their objectives.

At Pivotal, we oversee projects through their entire lifecycle, from feasibility to project management and delivery including the detailed engineering of waste management facilities.

Pivotal’s track record in infrastructure design underpins our ability to deliver new Waste to Energy plants and upgrade existing facilities. Through innovation, we meet business aspirations as well as stringent regulations.

Unlike many new entrants to this sector, we have over 3 decades of experience designing, commissioning and monitoring the electrical, mechanical, waste, infrastructure systems that are responsible for energy consumption within buildings and large complexes. This in-depth understanding of building systems means that we are uniquely positioned to reduce energy consumption. We adopt a holistic approach to the potential reduction of energy, water, waste and operational costs which few of our competitors can offer.

We offer a range of energy services including:

  • Waste to Energy feasibility studies
  • Energy contracting
  • Energy audits
  • Energy rating services
  • Renewable technology integration
  • Carbon reduction programmes
  • Bill analysis
  • Energy procurement.

We are continually evaluating new technologies and system controls to maximize the energy reduction impact we can deliver to our clients. We believe our experience and success to date can both enhance your businesses performance and minimize its impact on the environment through reduced energy and carbon costs.

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