Strategic Development Zone in Waterford

Strategic Development Zone in Waterford, Ireland

Our Pivotal partners Fewer Harrington & Partners and Carron + Walsh are set to begin work on a new Strategic Development Zone in Waterford, Ireland.

Strategic Development Zone (SDZ) in Waterford, Ireland

The North Quays Strategic Development Zone (SDZ) is the largest urban regeneration project currently in Ireland which will ensure sustainable economic and social growth for Waterford and its surrounding catchment area in the South East of Ireland.

Through a public-private investment from the Irish government and private developer, Falcon Real Estate Developments, this €500 million development creates a compact extension to the city to cater for a future population of 83,000 people.

The eight-hectares spanning development will comprise a 65,000 sq m mixed-use commercial building, prime office space and 300 units of residential space, along with a new 200-bed hotel, an energy centre and green open space.

Strategic Development Zone (North Quays)






Waterford City is the Republic of  Ireland’s oldest and fifth largest city. Its economy suffered in the aftermath of the 2008 Economic Recession. Despite this, it is the largest urban centre in the South East of Ireland with a €21 billion economy and the potential to create 1,000 jobs annually.

The Waterford City Region 2040 Plan will further invest in its economy and transform infrastructure to facilitate growth.

The North Quays Strategic Development Zone is to contribute to a 30% increase in population by 2040, creating thousands of jobs and leading to an approximate 5-7% regional GDP increase each year to 2040.

With final funding approved for the development, the design team will prepare construction drawings to finalise specifications ahead of commencement.

Fewer Harrington and Partners and Carron + Walsh are the Architects, and Project Management/Cost Consultancy contractors, respectively for this project. The development is set to open in 2023.

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